A-Cappella.com, Inc., DBA Mainely A Cappella, is no longer in business.

Interested parties may contact us by phone or email.

The email addresses are:


The telephone number is 207-266-2589

The mailing address for A-Cappella.com, Inc. is:

PO Box 220
Bass Harbor, ME 04653

A personal note: I wish to thank all of the customers of A-cappella.com that I have had the privilege to serve while the company was in operation. Since I became the owner of the company in January of 2008, I have enjoyed being able to provide sheet music and recordings of fine choral music to singers around the world. Music can be a great force for peace among all people, and a source of personal joy for the performer as well as the listener. I hope all who read this will continue to create and appreciate music in all its many forms, throughout their lives.

With kindest regard,
Douglas Gray